The Angling Adventures of Doctor Crumpton



Doctor Crumpton is mild mannered man in his mid-forties who goes to work all week helping his patients by prescribing medication and giving advice to aid recovery, this at times can be a very stressful occupation, but Dr Crumpton knows that at the weekend he can relish in his passion for Angling.

One Saturday morning Dr Crumpton went to start his car at around 4.0.clock in the morning as he does every Saturday morning but this time it coughed into life with a large backfire (Bang) went the car as it started but it sounded alright as it ticked over on the driveway, little did Dr Crumpton knew that Richard next door woke with a start and went to the window to see what the noise was.

“I wonder where Dr Crumpton’s going this early in the morning thought Richard”

Richard is Dr Crumpton’s neighbour but had never really taken much notice of the doctor before now, with this in mind Richard went back to bed.

Later that morning, Richard remembered the loud bang and asked his mother if she knew where the doctor would be going so early in the morning.

“Oh, he goes fishing every Saturday.”

Richard started to wonder what this fishing malarkey was all about and set about trying to find out more about fishing.

Richard went to his friend Toony and asked him what fishing was all about, Toony said.

“I don’t really know Richard. Do you want to come frog hunting with me?”

“Yes, come on then.”

And they went off frog hunting.

After 3- or 4-hours frog hunting Richard’s inquisitive mind started to take over and think about fishing and what could it be, on the way back Richard and Toony went to the news agents to buy some sweets, there Richard asked the news agent if he knew what fishing was all about.

“Not really but I do know that some people buy this Angling newspaper.”

“Could I have a quick look at it please?”

On opening the newspaper Richard was mesmerized by the sheer size of some of the fish that where being displayed and made up his mind there and then that he wanted to go fishing as really, he was getting a bit old for frog hunting or, so he thought.

When Richard got home, he asked his mother if she would take him fishing.

“Richard, I don’t know nothing about it but see what your father says when he gets in from work.”

Richard was sitting on the front step twiddling his thumbs when his father got home, Richard greeted his father full of excitement.

“Hello dad, will you take me fishing?”

“Let’s go in the house and talk about it.”

Richard ran and opened the door for his dad and they went inside, when inside Richard told his father about Dr Crumpton waking him up and what he had done to find out about fishing and how he would be really good if he were to take him.

After a while and a lengthy conversation with Richards mother his father said he would find out more and let him know, after Richards father had eaten his dinner he went outside and saw Dr Crumpton in his garden tatting around in his greenhouse, Richards father peered over the fence and told Dr Crumpton all about it, Dr Crumpton grinned like a Cheshire cat and said he would make arrangements, Richards father said he would have to wait until his birthday for his fishing tackle as money was to tight, luckily for Richard his birthday was only a week away, Richard woke up on the 2nd of April his 8th birthday to find a large box in the living room marked to Richard have a happy birthday from Dr Crumpton, somewhat puzzled Richard tore the packaging open to find a complete beginners fishing kit inside, there was a Rod and Reel a pole and a tackle box with some bits and pieces inside.

“Wow! Said Richard”

Later that day Richard was waiting for the Dr When he got home and ran to him to say thank you for his present, the Dr grinned and replied “that’s not all we are going fishing on Saturday”

“Where we going?” said Richard.

“It’s a secret replied Dr Crumpton”.

Saturday came along, and Richard was woken up by his father.

“Wake up son, it’s Saturday – you’re going fishing.”

Richard rubbed his eyes to remove the sleep and went for a wash, by the time he came down stairs his mother and father and made some sandwiches and a flask of tea for him, after about five minutes Dr Crumpton knocked the door and off they went fishing, after what seemed a long time they arrived at a place with a bumpy track with seven pools at the end of it, Dr Crumpton set up Richard’s rod and bought out a box full of maggots and started to show Richard how to fish, Richard was a quick learner and soon started to fish himself, Dr Crumpton set up his own rods, after a while Richard started to have doubts about his ability to catch a fish but Dr Crumpton reassured him with the words.

“Be patient; the fish will bite soon.”

No sooner the Dr had finished reassuring Richard his float slid under and with a bit of guidance a fat little perch slipped into the net, this gave Richard more confidence and another little perch slipped into the net, time seemed to fly by that day and before Richard knew it, it was time to go home and Dr Crumpton hadn’t caught a single fish.

“See you next week Richard.”

”See you next week Dr Crumpton.”

The cheeky Chaffinches on the Canal

Dr Crumpton was a stickler when it comes to time and the very next week he knocked Richard’s door at 4.0 /clock as usual, Richard was waiting and they both sailed off for a day’s fishing, after about a forty minute drive they came to a small village and parked on a car-park near a church, they got there tackle and walked about a hundred yards across a field to a canal, after choosing a place to fish, Dr Crumpton set up Richards pole and started to show him how to fish with it, Richard picked the basics up and started to fish himself, after a couple of hours Richard notice he hadn’t saw a boat go past and asked the Dr why.

The Dr replied that this stretch of canal was disused and wasn’t part of the canal network and that’s why he likes to fish there, then Richard’s float trotted along about six inches and slid under, Richard lifted his pole like the Dr had showed him and what a surprise a lovely Crucian Carp of about a pound in weight slipped into the net, Richard looked at the fish and remarked how lovely the fish looked in the early morning sun, after a while Richard saw something out the corner of his eye, it was a Chaffinch he started to chirp at Richard so he threw some maggots on the ground for him, the Chaffinch began to gather them up in his beak and when he had got enough flew off, after about five minutes the Chaffinch came back so Richard threw him a few more, his went on for a while until Richard turned around and found the Chaffinch standing in his maggot box.

“What a cheeky Chaffinch.”

Richard said to Dr Crumpton, next time the Chaffinch came he bought his mate with him and the both got stuck into Richard’s maggots.

”Now there are two of them” Richard said.

Dr Crumpton smiled and chuckled about the Cheeky Chaffinches and told Richard that they must have been feeding their chick’s, in the end Richards maggot box was empty, as usual the time flew by and it was time to go home, when they got home Richard said.

“I’ll never forget those Cheeky Chaffinches on the canal.”

“See you next week Richard.”

“See you next week Dr Crumpton.”

Richard loses his float

Over the weeks Richard had been adjusting the drag system on his reel as Dr Crumpton had showed him, adjusting it for different line strength’s, the last time he had used the reel he had screwed it up tight has he was catching roach up in the water, this week Dr Crumpton had taken Richard to a commercial fishery which had been stocked with a high density of fish, Richard set up his rod and began fishing with maggots, after about an hour the Roach began to feed up in the water as before, Richard never bothered leaving his drag system loose and the inevitable had happened, a large fish grabbed Richard’s bait and powered off across the lake snapping his line and losing his float, Richard got a little upset at this point and was about to cry when Dr Crumpton said:

“Never mind Richard things like this can happen”

Richard replied “I haven’t got many floats”

Dr Crumpton encouraged Richard to set up again and we’ll see if we can get it back later

Richard carried on fishing somewhat reluctantly with the thought of losing his float, after a couple of hours Dr Crumpton got Richard to reel in his rod and put it on the bank.

“Right said Dr Crumpton, let’s have a look for your float.”

“I think I’ve lost it for good” said Richard.

They started to walk around the lake looking for Richard’s float, on the opposite side of the lake there was Richard’s float underneath a tree, “stay here Richard and tell me if it moves by the time I come back”

Dr Crumpton walked back to his car and came walking back with a long adjustable pole with a grabbing device on the end.

“It hasn’t moved yet”

“Good” said Dr Crumpton and extended the pole to grab the line that was still attached but it was stuck fast to something under the water, Dr Crumpton tugged for a while and it slowly started to give way and soon he grabbed at branch which was covered in hooks.

“Here look Richard this is where fish come to get rid of anglers hooks look how many there are.”

Richard was just glad to get his float back and cheered up, Dr Crumpton through the branch back in the water for as usual the day had passed away and it was time to go home.

“See you next week Richard.”

“See you next week Dr Crumpton and thank you for getting my float back.”

Dr Crumpton breaks his Rod

The next week Dr Crumpton finished at the surgery around 5,0 clock on Friday evening and went home, after eating a lovely meal prepared by his loving wife Mrs Crumpton he decided to have a look at his fishing tackle getting ready for Saturday, he checked his reels, floats and the contents of his tackle box, when checking his Rod he noticed on or two scratches and he decided he needed a new one but didn’t have the time to go to the tackle shop this week, the next morning when Dr Crumpton knocked Richards door Richard greeted him with excitement and they got into the car and drove off.

“Where we going this week Dr Crumpton?” Richard asked.

“It’s a secret old estate lake owned by a very dear friend of mine he doesn’t allow many people to fish there”

When they got there they drove down a long tree lined driveway to a very large mansion, they got out of the car and walked through some trees to the most beautiful lake, there was a bit of mist on the water and it seemed almost magical, they selected a place to fish and Dr Crumpton showed Richard how to set up his rod, once Richard was fishing Dr Crumpton set up his own Rod, after a while Richard started to catch a different fish and Dr Crumpton told Richard that they were Golden Rudd.

“What a beautiful fish” Richard said.

After about an hour Dr Crumpton hooked a very large fish that powered off across the lake stripping line from Dr Crumpton’s reel, as Richard watched Dr Crumpton skilfully playing the fish there was a loud snapping sound as Dr Crumpton’s rod snapped in two, Dr Crumpton opened the bail arm and put the rod down on the ground grabbed the line and started playing the fish by hand eventually Dr Crumpton slipped the net under a 22lb mirror carp, after weighing the fish Dr Crumpton slipped the fish back in and it disappeared back into the depths of the lake.

“Remember that Richard has it might happen to you one day.”

”I will” Richard replied.

He could hardly believe what he had seen, the rest of the day Dr Crumpton sat by the side of Richard and they chatted about fishing listening to the different birds whistling, having a cup of tea and a sandwich now and again, as always the time seem to fly by and it was time to go home, when they got home Dr Crumpton said:

“See you next week Richard.”

”See you next week Dr Crumpton” Richard replied.

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