Casting Coaching 10th July

by | July 15th, 2019

Angling Therapy Put a days fishing on for Positive People, sitting on the Pier waiting for the party to arrive I suddenly thought I must remind everyone to drink plenty of fluids while there , the sun was out in all its glory beating down on us , when they arrived I got them all together for the customary Health and Safety talk and I did remind them that we all could get very dehydrated with the weather the way it is , I reminded them the The-Waterfront will do you a pint of squash with ice in for 50p , what a bargain on a day like this hence to say a lot of squash was ordered.
After the Health and Safety I went through the session plan for the day, and then we were ready to start setting up, we started by setting -up for mackerel with a 2oz lead and a string of feathers a simple 4 turn half- blood knot,(got to be the easiest of knots to learn) and a straight forward overhead cast to demonstrate and some of them was getting it as they had been to one of my days before, one or two of them needed a little more understanding and more demonstrating and then a little coaxing, at the end of the session everyone could cast a rod in a straight line, we had a brake at dinner time and I reminded them to use the anti-bacterial hand wipes and sanitizing gel before eating their lunch.
After lunch we stripped the rods of the mackerel rigs and set them all up with a sliding float set-up, baited them with one of the baits, crab, prawn, squid, sand-eel and Blue’s, then we got the chairs out and settled down for the last hour , I showed them how they could adjust the depth they were fishing by just sliding the float stop knot up or down the line , as always time flies away when your fishing and before we knew it, it was time to go home , ive had some very good encouraging feedback from positive people and the participants,
I came away from the day with a lot more confidence than before and satisfied that Angling Therapy Plymouth had made a difference to 9 people’s days